Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Order in the Home

In Julia McNair Wright's 1879 book, The Complete Home, she writes on the topic of "Order in the Home." I can't think of anything more appropriate for January.

I thought I would share a few nuggets from Julia's thoughts on the subject, especially when we tend to be in resolution mode:

"You can bury more time in disorder than in any other way. . .I was sent a book. . . Inside was only a single page: that was white Bristol, illuminated with a wreath of flowers, bees and butterflies, and this motto within: 'Always be one hour in advance of your work.' I saw at once that here was the key to the Order that reigns. . .If I were an hour beforehand with work, I should never be hurried nor worried; if I began at once, the habit of being in season would be fixed. I saw also that the one hour would by good judgment in planning grow to many, and I should always have time to spare. I concluded to think the housekeeping matter out and have an exact routine for it."

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